Judit Gilani Sleep Consulting
20 Oct, 22

Anxiety and Sleep

It often happens that mothers burst out in tears during our first, introductory call. They have done their very best to make their child sleep well, yet they are exhausted. This time I talk to a mother of a 4-years old boy. Tears are rolling down on her cheek, as she tells me that she […]

19 Oct, 22

A mother goes to ER

I know a mom who had to rush her baby to the emergency room one night because she was extremely tired and overwhelmed. She hadn’t been able to sleep for months because her baby kept waking up every hour, and she was breastfeeding throughout the nights. She was so tired that she couldn’t even think […]

18 Oct, 22

Will My Baby’s Signals Change?

Introducing changes in the the sleep habits doesn’t make babies quit crying. It makes sleep a habitual and smooth process, so as a consequence babies will cry less in sleep-related situations. Which is good news. Children will certainly cry when they have inconveniences, pain, hunger, and older children will also cry because of fears. But […]

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