Awaken your best self with restful sleep!

I help sleep-deprived families develop healthy sleep habits.

Common sleep issues

Are you facing any of these with your little one?

Excessive night wakings

Do you find yourself constantly having to soothe your child back to sleep at night?


Is your child difficult to settle down for naps and consistently sleeps only for a short time?

Chronic overtiredness

Is your child a poor sleeper, leaving both of you exhausted and discontented?

Negative sleep associations

Is your child reliant on nursing, pacifiers, rocking, or your presence to fall asleep?

Boundary issues

Your toddler is stalling bedtime with excuses and doesn't stay in their bed at night?


Are you ready to transition your child to their own bed, but unsure about how to do it?

How can I help you?

I provide sleep solutions across the ages!

  • You will discover the sleep patterns of your children and help them find their innermost sleep balance tapping into their own internal sleep regulation.
  • Together, we work towards longer stretches of uninterrupted sleep, particularly during the night.
  • For the excessive night wakings of your little ones, you will get age-appropriate guidance to help them return to sleep quickly and smoothly.
  • By developing healthy sleep habits, you will gain the power to enhance the overall sleep quality for your family on a long term.
  • You will get guidance to stabilize naps and improve the night sleep routine, so that your children can have a sense of safety and comfort in their own beds.

Let me guide you through this transformative journey towards better sleep for your entire family!

My Services

Tailored sleep solutions for age-appropriate rest

Prenatal or Newborn Sleep
(0-3 months)

As an expecting parent, you may wonder about your baby's sleep patterns in the womb and seek to recreate a comforting environment during the "fourth trimester."

Infant and Baby Sleep
(4-24 months)

As a new parent understanding what constitutes normal sleep and distinguishing potential sleep problems is essential. Don't overlook the crucial topic of sleep!

Toddler and Child Sleep
(2-10 years)

Parenting a toddler can feel like a wild ride, with their energy and mischief taking center stage. Toddlers experience significant changes that impact their overall well-being, including their sleep.

My testimonials

Here's what other parents are saying about my services!

Oh hey! I’m Judit

Beyond my professional qualifications, I’m also a mother who understands the real-life challenges of raising children. I’ve experienced firsthand how parenting can sometimes feel isolating.

That’s why I made a commitment to be the helping hand for other parents, just like I needed it myself. Even today, I recognize the value of support, which is why working with families is such a rewarding experience for me. By sharing my knowledge about sleep and lending an empathetic ear, I don’t just provide assistance to you you, in turn, offer me a gift. Surprisingly, my collaboration with each family not only adds another layer to my professional growth but also weaves a meaningful thread into the fabric of my personal life.

To me, it’s not just about providing treatment; it’s about fostering healing and togetherness. I recall yearning for this support when I was a new mother, and that longing has fueled my commitment to be there for you.

I am a Sleep Sense™ certified  Pediatric Sleep Consultant, with studies in sleep neurobiology, medicine, and the societal aspects of adult sleep at the University of Michigan. I also work with proven strategies used by the Yale Parenting Center for older children and teenagers. Sleep is not just my area of expertise; it’s my passion.

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Overcoming the top 3 challenges — easier said than done!

𝟙 Balancing personal well-being: we often believe that being a good parent means giving all our energy to our kids. But taking breaks is crucial to be at our best. When exhausted, frustration can take over, but our children deserve the most patient version of us every day. Rest and recharge are not just optional; they model essential self-care skills for our kids to learn from. Parenting well involves pacing ourselves through daily highs and lows.

𝟚 Navigating parental dilemmas: many avoid sleep training due to the controversial “cry-it-out” method. However, various gentler alternatives, such as room-sharing, check-ins, fading, bedtime stories, or star charts, exist. Just as “Kleenex” doesn’t represent all tissues, one disputed technique shouldn’t dismiss all intervention for better sleep. Instead of simply avoiding tears, a bit of soul-searching as parents can help find the solution that works best for our family. While change is challenging, believing in ourselves and trusting our children’s abilities allows us to positively influence their sleep habits.

𝟛 Achieving parenting balance: as parents, sacrifices are natural, but worrying about not giving our kids everything isn’t necessary. Avoiding constant entertainment sparks children’s creativity against boredom by turning their attention inward. Not having everything can build resilience. We aim to strike the right balance — caring for them while also allowing independence. We provide strong roots and stability while supporting their self-sufficiency. The right mix of roots and wings does more good than either extreme.

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